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Going to Cominsia Lodge

Kep is:

  • 20km East of Kampot
  • 20km West of Vietnamese border
  • 164km South of Phnom Penh
  • 130km East of Sihanoukville

To go to COMINSIA LODGE, follow the Road 33 then the Road 33A. A luminous panel indicates the beginning of the track near marker No. 17 on National Highway 33A. Follow this track, COMINSIA LODGE is 2 km, at the foot of Kep National Park.

Cominsia Lodge

Keo Krosang Village, Kep, Cambodia

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COMINSIA LODGE offers 2 Deluxe Suite Villas with swimming pool and 1 Deluxe Room nestled in a botanical garden. To allow maximum peacefullness, kids are not allowed.

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The Garden

The COMINSIA LODGE owners and creators, french botany enthousiasts landscapers, will be pleased to make you discover one of the first botanical collections in Cambodia.

around the hotel in kep cambodia

Around Kep

Kep has preserved the authenticity of a rural Cambodia where farmers and fishermen will offer you their friendly smile during to your walks around Kep National Park.