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Kep's surroundings

Region of ricefields and mangroves, Kep has kept all the genuineness of a rural Cambodia where farmers and fishermen will give you their friendly smiles, following your walks.

  • Kep beach (15 min) A fine sand beach, almost deserted during the week, where the shallow waters keep a 30° constant temperature all year round. It is possible to see monkeys there, near the western end.
  • The Crab Market (20 min) It is Kep focal point : buyers and saleswomen get loudly excited around the bamboo crab pots, just coming out from the water.
    Fish, prawns, squids and the famous blue pincers crabs are sold here, raw or cooked over wood. You can also enjoy them sitting on one of the numerous café terraces, adjacent to the market.
  • Boat trip to islands (pier at 15 min) Off the coast of Kep, Rabbit Island and surrounding smaller islands (20 to 40 minutes by boat) can be visited with an english-speaking guide. You will discover little wild beaches, and will enjoy snorkling, fishing, massage or barbecue at sunset.
  • Kep national park (start at 15 min) Very well marked hiking trails will allow you to discover the park's wildlife, its dramatic trees and awesome views over the see, Kep and Kampot area.
  • Kampot market (30 min) It is a maze where you will love to lose your way ! Liveliness is on the top in the morning. Everything is in there : clothes, hardware, basketry, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, sea food, dried or living fish, fresh spices, tobacco sold by weight,etc...
    It is a 100% genuine trip in the heart of cambodian life.
  • Mount Bokor (60 min) This former french mountain site, desued after colonial times, is currently being rebuilt by an Asian investment trust. The 33 km of montainous road that links the see level to the top offers magnificent views over the Golf of Thailand. On the 1000 m altitude high plateau, the temperature is ideal for hiking. Come and discover waterfalls, odd geological shapes, many species of birds, rhododendrons, orchids and carnivorous plants.
  • The surrounding countryside (5 min) It remains for us the greatest and the most wonderfull in all the changes of scenery, according to the quantity of smiles that we 'harvest' there ! The friendly spontaneity of the khmer farmers' families will delight your trips through plantations, rice fields and salt pans that you can discover, depending of your wish : walking, biking, by horse, motorbike or tuk-tuk.

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COMINSIA LODGE offers 2 Deluxe Suite Villas with swimming pool and 1 Deluxe Room nestled in a botanical garden. To allow maximum peacefullness, kids are not allowed.

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The Garden

The COMINSIA LODGE owners and creators, french botany enthousiasts landscapers, will be pleased to make you discover one of the first botanical collections in Cambodia.

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Coming Here

Kep is 20km from Kampot and Vietnamese border, 164km from Phnom Penh and 130 km from Sihanoukville. Take Road 33 then Road 33A.